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Melena Guevara Design is a full-service, boutique wedding & event planning firm located in sunny Southern California.  Servicing the LA and Ventura counties, we specialize in events that focus on the couple and the love that they share.  Whether you need a little help or a LOT of help, MGD is here to help you.

Our approach is simple: we like to feature small details about the couple rather than the flash and show.  No matter your budget, we're here to make your wedding planning dreams come true.  Take a look around and get to know us!  Ready to work with us?  Schedule a call today or send us a note here.

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Hi, it's nice to meet you

I'm Melena.  I love my husband, my dogs, weddings and planning.  I spent the past four years planning and running events for a big corporation.  After being laid off, my husband strongly urged me to start my own business.  So what did I do?  I started two.

YUP.  You heard that right.  I started TWO businesses during a PANDEMIC.  And I wouldn't change it for the world.


Why?  I love what I do!  I'm convinced that my purpose on this planet is to make other people happy--be it through carefully curated care packages or stunningly thoughtful and simple events.  My love language is quality time, and I'm grateful for a career that is built around that.

If you're ready to get in touch, click HERE to schedule a call with me.  Otherwise, feel free to take a look around.  My goal is to be a resource for ALL brides, whether they hire me or not.  

OH, and if you're curious, my other company is called Babe to Bride.  I may be biased, but I think we make really cute stuff :)

With love and gratitude,



Why We'd Work Well Together


I was just a bride myself.  I know how stressful the wedding-planning process can be, but I also know it doesn't have to be that way.  I have the professional planning experience to get you the wedding you want with less stress.


I'm a stickler for the details, including being on-time and under-budget.  I love adding little and unexpected touches to an event that leave a big impact.  You won't get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all wedding with me!


My design aesthetic is an updated twist on the classic rustic.  I love weaving modern elements into classic themes.  I want you to LOVE your wedding, but I also don't want you to be sick of it by the time you get the photos back.  

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My Current Faves

Our pupperonies.  They are the best dogs I could ask for. 

Brene Brown & her books.  ALWAYS

My stuff at Babe to Bride.  Check it out here.

Bulleit Rye Whiskey.  Camping is also a plus.

Let's Keep In Touch

I solemly swear to only send you the best of the best, including my favorite wedding tips and the best new trends in planning!  No spam, ever.  

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From the Blog


Our wedding photos are by Emma Hopp.  She's insanely talented and you should definitely check her out.