All About Commitment Ceremonies

ALL love deserves to be celebrated—no matter what it looks like!

In a world where every couple is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, Melena Guevara Design knows that marriage isn’t the right choice for every couple.

Yeah, I’m a wedding planner and I said it!

For a variety of reasons, more and more couples are choosing NOT to tie the knot. In fact, statistics estimate that 25% of millennials will never get married—a historical, all-time high. Plus, I don’t need to tell you how expensive weddings can be.

But this staggering statistic doesn’t mean that couples don’t want to commit. Couples are now searching for alternative ways to showcase their commitment, beyond the traditional walk down the aisle and a legally binding contract.

The thing is, with so many couples now choosing to walk down their own aisle, there are many questions surrounding what options are even available.

If this sounds like you, CONGRATULATIONS on finding that amazing person you want to spend forever with. DO. NOT. WORRY! I’m here to provide ideas that allow you to display your commitment for the world. Your only limitation is your imagination. Whether you want to commitment to your partner in front of friends and family or just yourselves, I am here to support your vision.

Although the sky is the limit, a few more popular ways to celebrate your commitment could include:

A Commitment Party

Wine and dine then dance the night away as your nearest and dearest come together to celebrate your love. An elegant dinner might be the perfect opportunity for speeches highlighting your love and the road you’ve taken to this commitment. A party is also an amazing opportunity to thank those in your lives who’ve helped you and your partner though the course of your relationship (because let’s be honest….it takes a village whether you’re married or not!). Are commitment party presents a thing? Asking for a friend.

Write Vows—even if they’re just for you and your partner

You don’t need a wedding to pen your commitment to your partner! Whether more traditional or words from your heart, creating this special memento to share with your partner, and perhaps for others to hear, is a guaranteed way to bring anyone to tears. There is an abundance of ways for these to be shared, too! My favorite way is by having a calligrapher scribe your sacred vows onto parchment for you to frame and hang in your home.

Have a Commitment Ceremony

The options for commitment ceremonies are endless. This could definitely take the appearance of a more traditional wedding—for those who want that option without the legality. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to celebrate your love more intimately, maybe a sunset ceremony just for two.


Plan to propose “forever” to your partner. Proposing to spend the rest of your lives together will be an event neither of you ever forget. Whether a large spectacle or intimate surprise, your partner will be amazed. While you’re busy proposing forever, take a page out of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel’s playbook— the most famous couple to never marry—and put a ring on it, too. You don’t need a marriage to rock some bling! Goldie Hawn is often seen out and about rocking a massive ring despite never marrying her partner of 35 years, Kurt Russell—and being adamant that she never will. As anyone knows, a ring can be a very personal item. In today’s world, there is no need for it to only symbolize your intent to get married. What better way to showcase your commitment for all the see?

Do all of the above!

Whether you want to throw a lavish bash to celebrate your commitment with friends and family, walk down the aisle in a ceremony, or simply propose spending forever together, you can trust Melena Guevara Design with each and every detail for a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience for you and all involved.

Ready to plan? Schedule a call today!

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